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What is cywestEdge?

cywestEdge is an all-encompassing solution incorporating best of breed cloud technologies with communications and security. This is wrapped in an easy to use interface with predictable pricing models so clients, systems integrators, and MSPs can affordably own and control their own cloud environments in a simplified manner.

cywestEdge contains StrongBoxes™ which are the building blocks you'll use to build out your virtual data center(s).

A stack of StrongBoxes equals a data center. Enterprises of any size can create or move their industry specific environments into the cloud through a simplified interface. All for very cost-effective and predictable pricing per StrongBox and encrypted, high-performance storage (see "cywestEdge Cloud Services Pricing" below).

Easily shift your legacy environments to a true cloud replacement. cywestEdge simplifies the complex and allows anyone to implement virtual data centers with the most advanced cloud technologies.

Simplify your life while gaining an enterprise level competitive edge:

Fixed Costs
  • Keep it simple! Predictable and cost-effective pricing (see "cywestEdge Cloud Services Pricing" below).
  • Easy Math. No Additional hidden fees.
  • What you see is what you pay. Simple.
Enterprise Features
  • cywestEdge has advanced security with micro-segmentation and encryption.
  • We have live migration... Disaster Recovery... Localized services...
  • All on premium resources.
Auto Optimizer
  • Let cywestEdge Optimizer sort and stack your environment.
  • To ensure your virtual data center is efficient and running in the most cost-effective configuration.
Virtual Datacenter in Minutes
  • Simply blueprint your datacenter.
  • Configurations can be done in minutes.

Have questions?

What is cywestEdge?

cywestEdge is an enterprise cloud environment that replaces corporate legacy server rooms and data center environments. Companies of all sizes can build virtual data centers without the costs and resources required to provision physical environments. Simplified interfaces give access to Disaster Recovery, Live Migrations, Load Balancing, Segmented Infrastructure, Regional Provisioning, and Encrypted High Performance storage all at fixed, predictable pricing.

What is a StrongBox?

cywestEdge stocks high-end and secured data center resources into pools called StrongBoxes. Each StrongBox contains high-end assets of 8 CPUs and 32GB of memory in a secure Software Defined Networking (SDN) wrapper. These resources are then carved up by you to build VM’s of any type.

And Storage cost? What else?

cywestEdge only provides high-end resources. High IOPS and encrypted back-end storage at a predictable per GB/month pricing structure for most implementations.

Note: We do not charge for Bandwidth, Server Usage Time, Public IP assignment, DR, or Live Migration.

What is "Phase One Early Access"?

Cywest is rapidly developing the final offering and would like to invite companies and teams to help guide us with regard to market needs and desires. This is an amazing opportunity to build great relationships as well as change the status quo of the cloud industry.

Who is Cywest?

Cywest Communications, Inc was formed in 1998 as a wireless communications company providing last-mile services to telco companies and end-users. Later, Cywest began providing customers with information and visibility into their networks through internally developed tools. In 2008, Cywest pioneered the concept of embedding cloud services to its enterprise clients in its Integrated Service Virtual Network (ISVN®) offering.

Cywest serves customers in over 50 markets providing access to premium services from network to infrastructure, with unparalleled support and security.

Can I actually buy and provision out my network or is this a demo only?

Yes, Cywest is offering 21 StrongBoxes for Early Access Beta which can be provisioned and used while development is in progress.

The benefits of Phase One Early Access will be discussed with you if you decide to participate in the program.

Benefits of cywest Edge

Significant Cost Savings

Cywest customers will see an average 30-40% savings compared to their current MPLS cost structure.

Increased Internet Performance

Internet services will now be decentralized and placed at the customer premises creating lower latency connections to public resources.

Decentralized and SDN Cloud

Greater application performance, Lower latency connections to infrastructure, simplified Disaster Recovery model and Increased security segmentation.

Inherent Disaster Recovery

Our Edge locations will replicate data between Edges. FT beyond the host and data center, and covers geographic disparities between Edge locations.

Simplified & Predictable Pricing

STRONGbox allows for predictable pricing packaged in slotted increments that allow for greater customer control over resources and costs.

Predictable Storage

All Cywest Edge storage is high performance and encrypted to disk, reducing options to one making planning simple.


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